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If you are a local or international business providing wellness services, why not let our listeners know what you offer.

Your next sign up may be from this fabulous station!

Meet the Team

Michael English

Owner of Fitmusic Radio. 80s music, piano enthusiast and personal fitness trainer. Dog dude to Oscar and Ollie and live at 5pm every weekday, Saturdays at 9am and Sundays at 10am.

Ady Crampton

I hope you can join me twice a week here on fitmusic radio Tuesday And Thursdays 7pm. Expect 70s soul funk and disco, where I’ll be spinning those newies and crossover classics from back in the day. Each week I’ll be chatting with a star of the 70s to find out what they’re currently working on.

Ronny Costello

Looking forward to presenting my award winning show here on Fitmusic Radio, serving you club classics every Saturday evening from 7pm to 9pm. Let yourself go, turn up the volume and get dancing with nothing but classics from back in the day.

Leo Kirby

Its Leo Kirby from Ireland here. Join me on Fitmusic Radio for 2 hours of 50 Years and Rolling which is essentially the greatest hits from the last 5 decades. Look forward to your company every Sunday from 2pm to 4pm.


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Volunteers Welcome

FitMusic is self-funded, and shows are presented voluntarily.

If you are enjoying our upbeat sounds here on FitMusic then please consider sending a donation. It goes entirely into the running costs of the station. You will even get a mention on a live show.
Thanks in advance for your generosity.